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Jacob + new logo!

I’m proud to announce our new logo, created by the wonderful Stefanie Montemayor, one of the most talented graphic designers we know! Stef was one of my roomies during my third year of college, and I remember she would always be tinkering around on Photoshop and Illustrator. We lost touch for a couple of years, until the powers of Facebook brought us back into contact. Through her profile, I found her Flickr and samples of her work. Well, it was around that time where Chris and I were tossing around ideas for our logo, and we finally relented that we aren’t graphic artists. I’m so glad we found Stef’s work when we did…or else you’d be stuck seeing that plain text that was up previously. ;) So thank you, Stef, and here’s to you and your wonderful work!

On another note, Chris and I had a great time shooting with Mike, Charlotte, and baby Jacob the other weekend! They were so fun to work with, because they’re new parents, and you can totally see the excitement, wonder, and quickly-fleeting awkwardness.

You can’t tell by these photos, but the storm outside was pretty bad. In fact, we got stranded in Virginia on Monday. We slowly made our way back to Philly later that afternoon.

Despite the last cold blast of winter, these pictures make us warm and fuzzy inside. Enjoy!

Jacob was doing a whole lot of eating that weekend…every 2-3 hours, to be exact!

He also did a whole lot of this.

Chris got this shot with Jake’s eyes open…right before he closed them again!

I love the look on Chris’ face here. He’s like, AHH I’M HOLDING A BABY!!! Note Jake looking at him (O_o).
I can’t wait to see how he looks when we have our own. ;)

Mike taking a break from feeding and leaving it to Charlotte.

The next day, we shot in the early afternoon to get good lighting. Because it was a little more gray than sunny outside, it wasn’t the best, but the effects were pretty cool.

A couple with Daddy.

We tried to get him to turn towards us, but he was too intrigued by the design on the pillows.


Jake’s grandparents (Charlotte’s parents) were visiting for the week and got him this SUPER CUTE outfit for St. Patrick’s Day. Mike was joking how he wanted to bring Jake to a bar on March 17th, shove him in everyone’s face, and say, “Kiss him!” Hilarious!

I’ll end with this shot, simply because it reminds us how tiny a baby is. I’m always so amazed looking at newborns; I can’t believe how something so tiny can grow up to someone our size!

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