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Chris and I have this ongoing debate about digital vs film. He learned photography on film; I learned on digital. I tend to take a ton of shots; he’s more conservative. We do, however, agreed on one thing…


I heard all sorts of buzz about it on Twitter but didn’t really have the time to sit down and take a look, until today (got off early from work, woohoo!). I was telling Chris about it, and when I mentioned Kodak Portra as one of the presets, he perked up and said, “Portra? I love Portra!”

We bought our pack and went nuts comparing. While Chris totally favors Portra, I’m the fence about Portra and Fuji. A friend of a friend had¬†Jose Villa¬†photograph her wedding, so he was the first photographer I looked at when we were planning our wedding (and that’s when I found out how expensive wedding photography could be, omg), and I loved the colors in his photos, specifically the soft glow of the pastels. You get a such different look and feel with digital.

Here’s a prime example of my Portra vs Fuji battle! I like ‘em both!

A few more comparisons between what I usually do and VSCO Film, using photos from Kate & Dave’s wedding, which I second shot with Vida Carson back in September. I specifically used these images because I wanted to see the effects on the trees behind the bride and groom…

The photos on the right are exported straight from Lightroom after using the Film presets, no Photoshop.

I love the more muted green of the Portra in this one:

So Chris and I have the best of both worlds now ;) Yay for compromise, not only in marriage, but in post-processing as well!

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