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Friday Favorites: Random Facts

Okay, so I dropped the ball on Friday Favorites from this summer. But in an effort to blog more, I’m bringing them back!

Abby Grace and Windsor Collective inspired this personal post, and since I love reading lists of random facts about people, here’s my list :)

  1. I was born in the Philippines and moved to the States when I was two years old. I retained my native tongue because my parents refused to answer me if I spoke English inside the house. It was torture back then, but I’m so thankful now!
  2. I’m very picky with pens– since I write so small, I need a thin pen (0.5 or thinner). American pens are too fat, so I usually stock up when I visit my parents in Japan.
  3. I lived in Japan for a year (my senior year of high school), and I’ve visited at least once a year since college. My dad’s job has him stationed out there, and it is the best place EVER. I’m also very, very critical of sushi.
  4.  I knew Chris was the guy I was going to marry when we went to Costco one time (very early in our friendship; I think about 2 months in)– we both ate our hot dogs plain and used the condensation on our soda cups to “wash” our hands. L-O-V-E! Of course, I didn’t tell him he was my future husband and let him figure it out for himself, bwahahha.
  5. Needles don’t phase me at all. This probably has to do with the fact that I’ve been type 1 diabetic for 18.5 years. (I also love answering questions from inquiring minds about diabetes!)
  6. As a product of going on my first big international trip when I was a toddler, I absolutely LOVE to travel, preferably to other countries. I don’t mind being jet lagged because it means I’ve been somewhere. :)
  7. My attention span is too short to watch a movie (unless it’s in a theater). I’m also waaaay behind– I watched Armageddon in 2008 and Scarface oh…3 days ago. :X
  8. My poison of choice at Starbucks is a grande soy latte. Hot or cold depending on the weather.
  9. I love to cook and I actually don’t mind ironing Chris’ shirts. He does the dishes and laundry, so it’s a pretty awesome trade off. ;)
  10. My most productive hours are between midnight and 6am…which sometimes poses a problem because my full-time job starts at 9am.
  11. In freshman year of college, a friend and I were wandering around Newport Harbor (in Newport Beach, CA). We were walking by some huge yachts and I pointed to the biggest one and said, “Man, I wanna get married in that!” I forgot about this until six years later, when that same friend reminded me…at Chris’ and my wedding reception on that same yacht.
  12. I have astoundingly bad vision. My contact lens prescription is probably worse than yours; I’ve only met one other person who has a higher script than I.
  13. I have a scarf obsession. They’re just so darn cozy! My wallet is not safe from those $5 pashmina stands in NYC.
  14. Chris is in pharmacy school, and I laugh whenever he mentions vancomycin. It sounds like a villain!
  15. I love lists, and as much as I use my iPhone, nothing beats a pen and paper for list making.

Happy Friday!

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  • Dylan - Love the Costco story, hilarious!ReplyCancel

  • Abby Grace - Yes!! So glad ou did one of these too! And I can’t imagine having diabetes- that’s my worst nightmare.ReplyCancel

    • fayebernoulli - Ah, it’s not too bad, haha!ReplyCancel

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