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The Why

This weekend, I attended the first 2012 Walk Through a Wedding workshop hosted by the fabulous Justin & Mary. It ROCKED MY WORLD. Although, I have to admit that I was pretty intimidated because it was my first workshop, and workshops are supposed to make you bare your soul, admit to your mistakes, and most importantly, try something new, fail, and then TRY again.

And that is exactly what happened. As much as it hurt to realize the mistakes I’ve made in building my business, it was also very refreshing that I wasn’t alone. That WE weren’t alone. From seasoned pros to those of us just starting out, the 18 of us bonded over learning and pushing ourselves to try and make mistakes and then try again. Eighteen of us, with different backgrounds, different “whys,” different influences…and we were all there for one common goal: to become better photographers.

One of my favorite parts (and I had many!) was the beginning of the second day. Mary asked us, “What does photography mean to you?” It got me thinking WHY I love shooting weddings, why I love shooting people. It isn’t the “glory” or “fame” you get as wedding photographer…it isn’t about that. For me, it’s about capturing those fleeting moments in between the big events. The moments that otherwise would have been forgotten if not for that photograph freezing that particular moment in time. The moments that, collectively, make up real life.

When Chris picked me up (we were heading to NYC to celebrate the last few hours of his birthday at Ippudo– noodles for long life!), I was talking a mile a minute. Talking so fast that I was breathless and nearly forgetting what I had to say because I had SO MUCH to tell him. Talking so fast that I’m fairly certain certain parts didn’t make sense because my brain was going way faster than my mouth. He soaked it all in, quietly nodding, holding my hand, with the car radio turned down low. When I said all that I could and finally took a few seconds to sort through my thoughts, I asked him what was his Why, what made him want to photograph weddings and people.

“It’s capturing those fleeting moments in between,” he said, not even pausing to think about it.

I couldn’t believe it– his Why is the same as mine. And we’ve never explicitly asked ourselves why we do what we do. That fire in my soul– my husband not only understands that, but he encourages me to keep it burning. He is the wood to my bonfire. It was then that I realized that we were meant to do this; we were working for the same Why, without even knowing it. But now, we’ll continue working for the same Why…together.

Just a quick sneak peek of this weekend– I’m still reeling from it, but stay tuned for some more images! ;)

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  • Abby Grace - One day. ONE DAY I will go to a J&M Walk Through A Wedding. I can’t WAIT to see your images! You must have learned tons and tons- so happy for you!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn Denelle Stevens - Faye! Sooooo well put! I can’t wait to see where your WHY takes you in the next few years! Stick to that, and you will do great things, my friend! (And, I now consider you my friend…so, fair warning, k?) ;)ReplyCancel

  • Susan Evans - Hi Faye! Love being able to feel the excitement in your words here. Sunday morning was my favorite part too – SO fascinating to hear everyone’s very special stories. It was great to get to know you, and I’ll be watching your work!ReplyCancel

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