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Living in a shoebox or two

Whenever I have to pack, I start looking through things and get totally distracted. This weekend, I started looking through my hard drives full of photos and found photos from our first two apartments in Philly! Show & tell time :)

First, a little bit of background info: the building we lived in used to be a hotel in the 20s and was eventually converted to an apartment building. The building was then converted again and the units were sold as condos. I refer to it as an “apartment” because…well, I have this idea that condos should at least have bedrooms. :P

I mentioned in my last post that we first lived in a 325-square-foot studio– Chris was starting school and I hadn’t been hired for my job yet, so we figured it would be better for him to get a place that wasn’t too big & expensive. Well, literally a week after he signed the lease, I got hired! We moved in a building that was right up against a hotel’s parking structure. The lights in the parking structure were so bright that it looked like it was 7am 24 hours a day (you don’t realize this when you’re checking out the apartment during the day). We couldn’t sleep, so rather than buying heavy blackout curtains and drilling huge holes into the wall, we opted for a solution that would have made MacGyver proud (or not): foil! The problem with this was that now we had no idea what time it was or what the weather was like. But shoot, would you rather get sleep or know it’s raining?!

Also pictured is our kitchen. Come to think of it, I’m not quite sure how I cooked in this– I made some of my best creations in this kitchen! You can use the plastic bag and paper towel holder as reference to how small it was ;) And please excuse the full trashcan…I took the photo when we were moving out.

As if the apartment wasn’t dreary enough, I took both photos above with my old iPhone 3G. Although, it was pretty new at the time! :P

Finally, we moved to a better apartment– same building, but on the 15th floor, overlooking Old City and New Jersey. It was great! The owner fixed it up, and the best part was, it was a whopping 25 square feet more! We felt like we hit the jackpot.

I decided to do this apartment justice by busting out the fancy camera + wide angle lens. Since you all know wide angle lenses distort like nuts, here are a few reference points:

Photo #1: The bed is a double bed. Pay attention to the rice cooker in the bottom left corner.
Photo #2: Note the heater in the bottom right.

Now…notice where the rice cooker and heater are in the photo. (I can become a real estate photographer now– this place looks HUGE)

Whenever we tell people the size of our first two apartments, they never believe us! Usually, their master bedroom is bigger than the second apartment, no joke. It was a nice challenge as a newly married couple– throw a grad student and newly employed person across the country, stick ‘em in a studio meant for one person, and see how they fare. To be honest, we didn’t mind it. It was cozy…at least until our stuff started outgrowing the space and we really needed to move to a bigger apartment.

So, newlyweds, if we can live in these shoeboxes for two years, TRUST ME– you can get through anything! And think of all the fun & interesting “in myyyyy day” stories you’ll have for your future kids :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  • jae - despite how small i’m sure it is, it looks like luxury compared to the tiny bedroom i’m living in, since i can’t move out of my parents’ house just yet. i love how the wide angle lens makes it look so big though! maybe i should bust out my wide angle lens and take a photo of my bedroom, to give myself the impression it’s bigger than it really is heheheheReplyCancel

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  • Kelly - Hi,
    I am moving to Philly this summer and while I was looking around for apartments, I came across this page.
    Do you mind sharing what this apartment is called?


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