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Our next move

I apologize for the lack of blogging in over a month! But we’ve been preparing for something big…

It’s no secret that Chris and I LOVE our home state of California and can’t wait to get back. After being in Philadelphia for nearly four years, we’ve gotten quite homesick. And I miss the weather…I grew up in San Diego, the land of 80-degrees-over-Christmas-break and 59-degrees-is-freezing. ;)

It’s been a great experience here, nevertheless. Having lived in California for most of our lives, we decided the time to explore another part of the country was as newlyweds with no mortgage and no children– just the pursuit of a graduate degree and the pursuit of a dream. Philly will hold a special place in my heart– it was where we first lived as a married couple, in a 325-square-foot studio that butted up against a hotel parking structure. It was so bright during the night that we had to cover the windows with foil. :)

And now, after four years of pharmacy school and one crazy residency match process, I’m so, SO proud to announce that Chris has matched to a hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are incredibly excited to move back to the west coast to be closer to family (and hopefully start our own in the next year or so!), and while picking up our business and moving it across the country will be challenging, I’m so looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to meeting amazing photographers in Nor Cal– let’s hang out, because I’d love to buy you lunch or a cup of coffee!

California, we’re coming home! I can’t wait to see your shiny happy face in June.

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