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PASSing your photos

At every client consultation, we get the question: “How do we get our images?” We’re making the transition from giving your photos on DVDs to sending them to you digitally. PASS is quickly becoming a great way for photographers to send images to couples without the risk of a burned DVD not working on a particular computer.

There are three main reasons we’re making the switch:

This is our main reason for getting digital files, right? PASS allows you to share straight from your gallery to Facebook. The best part about it is, you don’t need that awkward download-upload dance. Ya know, the one where you need to transfer the images from the disc and then upload them to a Facebook album, all the while crossing your fingers that the upload doesn’t error out or freeze. With your PASS gallery, you can select your favorites and create an album directly on Facebook.

Aside from sharing on Facebook, we open up your gallery for your friends and family to view and download the images from your wedding (with your permission, of course). If you have family and friends all over the world, there is no easier way of getting images to them. (Besides, who wants to get those emails that say, “Hello newlyweds! Could you please send me photos #12, 24, 45, 76, 235, and 452?”)

2. Photos are stored in the cloud.
This gives us peace of mind because if you were ever to encounter a computer glitch or crash, your images are safe and ready to download again. There is no limit on how many computers you can download the PASS Gallery app on, so you can back up your photos on multiple computers. It becomes too easy to think that the disc IS your backup, but when your images are in the cloud, they are protected.

3. iPhone app.
Speaking of your images being stored in the cloud, another advantage is that the PASS folks have developed a nifty app for your iPhone/iPad! Loading hundreds of photos on your phone takes up a ton of space, but now you simply download the PASS app, log in, and you can show your wedding off in a matter of minutes. This is one of the things our bride & grooms are excited about!

While we do love the idea of sending you something personalized and pretty in the mail, what we LOVE more is being able to give you your images faster and more securely. The postal service is pretty good, but things happen and stuff gets lost. We would hate for that to be your wedding images! Once you get that notification email from us, your images are ready to view, and more importantly, you can show the world how awesome your big day was ;)

As wonderful as PASS is, it’s not perfect and I will admit that I wish there were some more advanced features. But it’s getting better and better, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future.

What are your thoughts on digital downloads?

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