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Faye & Chris

We sat across the semi-circle from each other in our Humanities discussion class in our first year of college and didn’t think of each other as anything more than “that girl/guy in my Humanities class.” But as fate would have it, we had a bunch of mutual friends and couldn’t avoid each other! We started dating three years later, got married, and hopscotched across the country from sunny Southern California to the Philadelphia area, and now we’re in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We photograph weddings and people because we love capturing those fleeting moments in between the big events. The moments that otherwise would have been forgotten if not for that photograph freezing that particular moment in time. The moments that, collectively, make up real life.

Here is what makes up real life for us…in the form of random facts!

Things Faye loves:
- Dance parties to songs from the 80s and 90s (heyyy Paula Abdul!)
- Paper products, especially from Paper Source (a very, very dangerous place ;))
- Salted caramel anything
- Discovering new food blogs, cooking, and baking
- Handwritten notes

Things Chris loves:
- Mashed potatoes and bacon (but not together!)
- Road trips…long road trips
- Watching documentaries on Netflix, some of them obscure
- Live music
- Discovering new beers and cheeses

Things we love:
- Anything & everything Apple (we have more computers than people in the house)
- Marathon life-planning sessions over coffee at Starbucks
- Plopping on the couch, watching a movie, and snuggling before Faye falls asleep
- Lazy weekend mornings
- International trips, exploring, and struggling to speak the local language
- Finding awesome deals on places to visit (which is how we ended up in Italy one year)
- The Blacklist, Downton Abbey, Revolution, and the occasional documentary on North Korea
- Pretending to be snooty food judges when we eat at fancy places (Polenta? Pffft!)
- Finding any reason to celebrate, like wedding monthiversaries
- Surprising people with gifts ;)

While we’re physically in Northern California, we LOVE to travel and can go anywhere in the world. So let’s chat over coffee (or a beer if that’s what you fancy), good ol’ Skype/FaceTime, or the phone and get to know each other. Click the INQUIRE link above to tell us about yourself :)

photo by Candice Benjamin

photo by Candice Benjamin